Featured Aromatherapy Blend: Cooling Mint Spritzer

From the Sacred Moon Herbs Aromatherapy Line…

The label reads, “To cool & calm one. A blend of spearmint, peppermint, & rosemary organic essential oils, loving thoughts flower & gem essence in full moon crystal infused water with a clear quartz crystal & healing light & love.”

We personally hand blend each bottle. Our full moon water is at made at my home, on a full moon night, with a sacred glass bowl, crystals, clean water & moon rays.
We store it in a glass purple bottle to help infused purple light energies. Each spritzer we blend, we add a very small crystal to the bottle for extra healing properties, along with a nice way to shake up the bottle. We always encourage you to give the bottle a good shake & your own blessing before you mist yourself or those you love. Our Cooling Mint is perfect for heat.  Whether you are experiencing hot flashes or live in a hot place like Texas, this feels good & the scent gives you a lift too. Our old UPS driver for Moon loved this blend. It kept him cooling while doing his route.  Drop by Moon & give the Tester a try on yourself.