Featured Product: Peppermint Spirits

In 1 word~WOW!
This yummy, powerful, organic tincture is pure Peppermint Power & old skool!
When I lived in Arizona over a decade ago, this was a daily in our desert hot days. I feel the same way about Texas hot summers too. So first think this, “Anywhere that it’s hot out, Peppermint is your new BFF.  There are a few different ways to use this tincture, but my favorite way is to squirt a dropper or two or three…depending on how strong your taste buds like it, into a liter blue glass bottle(sold at Moon) & give it a good shaking.  I also add have flower & gem essences in my water bottle.  Loving Thoughts is always in my bottle & typically a few others depending on how I’m feeling that day. It’s nice when you can custom blend plant medicines especially for your needs in life.  You can also take this in less water like a shot glass(sold at Moon too) & place a dropperful & take it like a shot.  Peppermint is cooling to the body internally, helps most folks with digestion & upset tummy aches. It’s super easy to grow your own. But just make sure when you plant it you know it will spread all over.  Some folks like to keep it in a pot or make an herb garden just for it.