Featured Crystal: Selenite

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess Selene, which is the Goddess of the Moon ~ the perfect stone for Sacred Moon Herbs!

Selenite is a cooling smooth white stone which brings about peace.  I once read that when you place a Selenite in the middle of your home, it creates a peaceful home atmosphere. I often times give Selenite as a home warming gift to others & sometimes as a wedding gift. I like the idea of giving a beautiful stone that helps to create peace to others.  I also learned from a wee customers Mama that Selenite where you sleep might make it difficult to do so. Here’s the story…at Sacred Moon Herbs our crystal table is low on purpose so the little kids can choose their own stones.  Kiddos gravitate to the stones like a moth to a flame. It’s always fun to watch & learn from them. One little one wanted a big Selenite. This one was around $10 where the others were around a dollar or two. So each time, Mom said pick another one & lead her to the cheaper ones.  Finally after about 6 months of asking for a big Selenite, Mom bought it. A few weeks later, the Mom comes in & says, “I know this is going to sound crazy, but ever since that Selenite has gone into her room, she doesn’t sleep through the night anymore. That’s the only thing that has changed so I took it out & she started sleeping again.”  I thought about what I knew about Selenite & nothing seemed to add up.  So I grabbed one of our many crystals books & did a little researching.  They mentioned that Selenite works on opening up the Crown Chakra so we can receive messages, downloads if you will.  So if you wish to sleep when you sleep, don’t have Selenite in your room.  If you wish to do dream work & channel while you sleep, then maybe give Selenite a try next to your bed. We love this stone for many reasons. We typically have a large collection of Selenite lamps, towers, worry free stones, wands & jewelry.  Drop by Sacred Moon to see all our Selenite friends.