February Tea of the Month: Happy Heart Tea

Our organic Happy Heart tea is a lovely heart healing blend we created many moon ago. This tea is for both the physical & emotional parts of the heart inside each one of us beings. It’s blended with all organic herbs of Rosehips, Hawthorn leaf & flowers, Linden flowers, Motherwort, Ginkgo & Red Rose petals. These are cardiovascular herbs to help our hearts function smoothly.These plants have an affinity to our emotionally hearts as well.  This is a tea we drink often when we are feeling like our hearts need some unconditional love or when our hearts feel like they’ve been shattered into pieces. It’s a beautiful tea to sip if you have experienced loss of any kind. It’s also nice to drink daily as preventive heart health. It’s caffeine free & has a calming, secure, almost grounding  effect for most of us that enjoy it. Perhaps that feelings comes from the Motherwort plant, Leonurus cardiaca. “The genus name, Leonurus, is derived from the Latin leo, “lion,” and the Greek oura, “tail,” in reference to shape of the leaf, which resembles a shaggy tail. The species name, cardiaca, is from the Greek kardiaca, “heart.”-Herbalist Brigitte Mars. Our teacher in herb school taught us to think of the energetics of Motherwort like a mother lion with her cubs. It adds a pinch of “mothering with unconditional love” to any blend you’d like to add it to. It’s a nice plant to grow in your herb gardens too.