November Crystal of the Month: Citrine

Citrine Stone of The Month Sacred Moon Herbs

Citrine above all else is known as the “stone of abundance”. Abundance in all things & yes that included money too.  In fact some call this stone the “money stone” or the “merchant stone”. Every herb shop I’ve worked in has had a citrine stone in their cash register, including Sacred Moons. I keep a small Citrine in my purse, my money bag at home, on my abundance & prosperity altars at home & at work & it’s a stone I like to gift others with as well.  Who couldn’t use a little more abundance in life?  This stone is used in crystal grid work too.  If you’ve ever studied Feng Shui or Crystals you’ve probably seen that Citrine is always used in the “Wealth Corners”.  Where’s the Wealth Corner you’re thinking?  If you enter your front door of your home, look to the farthest left corner of your house. This is your Wealth Corner & where you want to place a piece of Citrine.  You can do this to every room in your home & work place too.  This is one of the few stones you never have to cleanse. Citrine brings energy & joy into your life. It’s a good stone to work with & wear when you are feeling a bit blue or overwhelmed in life.  It works on enhancing your concentration & your mental alertness which is a big bonus to most of us.   At Sacred Moon we carry citrine points, tumbled stones, rings, earrings, pendants & more. Citrine is a stone I’ve enjoyed for many moons & hopefully you will too.