Heart Healing – The Magnificent Rose

Rose Plant Sacred Moon Herbs

Let’s talk a bit about heart healing Rose.

“Rose~Open Heart”
“Proclaimed the Queen of the Flowers, the Rose has ancient associations with Venus, the goddess of love, art, and beauty…the practice of opening the heart is far more than a New Age trend. It is crucial to our spiritual development and emotional well-being….the flower essence of California Wild Rose is used to foster a love for serving other people and the planet.” from our newest herbal deck of cards. Rose medicines are used for heart healing both emotionally & physically. You’ve probably all taken Vitamin C from Rosehips at some point in you life. Maybe you didn’t even realize you were even receiving Rose medicine this way. There’s a pinch of organic Rose petals in our Moon tea blends to add extra love for all. Drinking a cup of Rose petals is quite lovely. Taking a healing herb bath with fresh or dried petals is heart healing. Rose is one of the plants for broken hearts & grief. It’s an important plant to have around you, especially these days. I just planted a beautiful organic red rose plant in my yard this weekend so I could have her energy & harvest her petals to make heart healing Rose honey. When I teach the Grief Releasing Class at Moon this fall we will talk more about this heart healing Rose medicine. If you’re interested in coming to the grief class, keep an eye on the event calendar.