October Recipe of the Month: Kava Bliss Balls

Kava Bliss Balls inspired by the lovely Rosemary Gladstar from her book, Herbal Recipe for Vibrant Health.

This will make a nice big batch of relaxing yumminess. Depending on how big you roll them, you might get about 90. These freeze well, but if you wish for less, just cut your recipe in halves or fourths.  Whatever you want.  There’s many different ways to create your own recipes with this base recipe. You can use any organic nut butters you like or blend many together.  You might mix & match other herbs for other effects you are wishing to achieve. (We make a fun aphrodisiac recipe for our Love Class in February.) You can use different dried fruits & nuts if you’d like.  In the end, you’ll take your favorites such as chopped nuts, dark chocolate chips, powdered rose petals, shredded coconut or whatever speaks to you & roll the balls in & finish them off. Please use organic ingredients for the health of yourself & our planet.   With this recipe, we are looking for a yummy little treat that will feed & nourish your nervous systems.  We are looking for relaxation and Kava is one of many herbs that creates this for us.

Base Blend:

2 cups of Tahini

1 cup of Almond Butter

1 cup of Cashew Butter

2 cups of Local Honey

3 ounces Kava Powder

3 ounces Passionflower Powder

1 ounce Skullcap Powder

1 ounce Holy Basil Powder

1 ounce Lemon Balm Powder

1 ounce Cardamom Pods Powder

2 tbs Rose Petal Powder of Extra Love

Drops of Your Favorite Flower & Gem Essence

1 package of Organic Dark Chocolate Chips

1 cup of chopped up Organic Nuts or Dried Fruits

Blend or stir the nut butters & tahini together.  Add your local honey & stir.

Use organic powdered herbs or put your powdered herbs into a coffee grinder & powder the ounces down into a powder.  And herbs one by one & stir.  The blend will be getting thicker & thicker.

Add whatever your favorite dried fruits, nuts, or dark chocolate.  Give another good stir until everything is blended well. Then with newly washed hands, roll the blend into balls & place on a cookie sheet.

Rosemary mentions that you can spread the mixture on a baking sheet, chill & cut into squares.

Prepare your “finishing bowls” with whatever yumminess you wish to roll the balls in.  We’ve tried many different herbs & foods over the years…including melted dark chocolate to dip them in(refrigerate first).

It’s a more work, but well worth it.  You can store these in the frig or freezer & they will keep for months however these rarely stay around for long.  Relax & Enjoy!