January Product of the Month: Fire Cider

Fire Cider all made up & ready for you to enjoy!

We’ve sold this product since the day we opened Moon & have been taking it
for almost 20 years now.  This is the cider we bought at the Co-Op in Tempe, Arizona while we were attending herb school for 2 years with JoAnn Sanchez at SWIHA(www.swiha.edu) The Herbalist that makes this was & still is a good friend of JoAnns.  We sell more of this product than any other in Moon.  We offer a 4 oz bottle which most folks buy & hold onto because it has a dropper.  Then the 2nd bottle they buy the 8 oz size because you save a few dollars by doing so. Then you just refill your 4 oz bottle if you like using the dropper.  If not, then just pour into a shot glass & bottoms up. CHEERS to YOU!  We do several shots a day of this yummy hot, spicy, sour, sweet goodness.  It works quickly.  We always feel our sinus open up & can breathe better in just a few minutes.  It’s an interesting feeling because you feel the heat travel upward to open the sinus & yet at the same time it travels down into your belly & you then start to feel the mucus clearing out of your lungs.  We love this feeling & how fast we can feel a difference! Several of our customers use this as salad dressing or to dip their gluten free breads into instead of balsamic vinegar. We had one customer that would buy a pre-blended cabbage mix at HEB & then pour fire cider into the bowl & stir it up & eat it.  This was such a great idea I tried it myself & was happy I did.  As Rosemary has said for almost 40 years, be creative with your medicines.  Try different ways & see what resonates with you the best.  What might work for others, might not do the trick for your body.  We are all humans yes, but we are all individuals with different constitutions. Take the time to get to know your body & listen to what it’s telling you it likes & what it would rather you avoid in life. It takes just a bit of practice, but then you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to heal yourself!