Moon Chai – How to Prepare

Have you tried our yummy organic Moon Chai blend yet?  It’s been one of our best sellers for years now.  It’s a lovely, spicy blend of black tea, black peppercorn, cardamom, cinnamon chips, coriander, ginger root, fenugreek, & orange peel. Traditionally a blend from India used to drink during & after meals to help digest your foods.   You can drink it as it or you’ll most commonly see it served with honey(local if you can) & a source of milk.  Full fat organic coconut milk is our favorite to add to the cup.  If you decide to add honey & milk, it’s best to strain out the tea into a cup, add the honey first so the heat helps melt the honey. Give this a good stir, add the coconut milk & give another good stir. Voila!  Your yummy, perfect cup of Moon Chai is ready for you to drink up. This recipe has caffeine from the black tea leaves.  If you’d prefer no caffeine, try our Kava Chai blend. We sell all our organic teas by the ounce.  Just pick your favorite tea jars, bring it up to our counter & we’ll weigh it out for you.