New Moon in Pisces Spice Blend: Organic Curry Blend

We’ve carried this blend for many years as it’s one of my favorites to cook with. It’s a milder curry that if you wanted a bit more spice you could add more cayenne pepper too. It’s a yummy blend of organic coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, mustard seed, black pepper, cayenne & spices. There’s many ways you can use this & here are some of our favorites: on baked chicken with full fat coconut milk, on grilled chicken with oils, in deviled eggs & sprinkled on top, stirred in local honey for drizzling on both meats & veggies, add into water when boiling rice & quinoa dishes, sprinkle over baked fish & cauliflower and these are just a few ideas. Get creative & share with us! Food is our number one source of medicine always…and this blend is packed full of it. We sell all our organic bulk teas(200 plus jars) by the ounce. Just grab all the jars you want, bring them up to our counter & we’ll weigh them out for you. Easy Peasy!