New Moon in Pisces Product : Arnica Liniment Roll On

Can you say Healing Magic in a Bottle? This roll on has been called this so many times by so many folks around the states! I first started using it when I worked at a wonderful herb shop back in Phoenix called Desert Sage Herbs. This was about 14 or 15 yrs ago so I would guess. They always carried Super Salve products. At first there was just the red label arnica salve tins for healing sore muscles & aches. They still make this. It works awesome. We offer this at Moon & it’s STILL the one my Dad will always ask me for.  He likes to use it on his sore feet & knees.  Then maybe around 12ish years ago they created this roll on arnica liniment. They are very similar but one is a solid salve you rub your fingers into & massage on, the other is liquid in a roll on bottle. Once they created this, I started using this more often because you get to give yourself mini massages.  When you roll this on yourself, if you press down hard you’re massaging you neck muscles, lower back, down your leg or arms.  It feels soooo good!  Then the formula will start to warm up because of the cayenne pepper in it, but you’ll soon feel a cooling effect with the mints that are in it too, all the while getting the healing benefits from the arnica plant.  Brrrrilliant I say like my Irish friends! I will say that when I use this on my feet it tickles me, so I go back to using the arnica salve on my feet.  This has become a favorite & must for my niece & nephews stockings and now their partners. It’s fun when you get your family using products that are non toxic & good for them even if they are not really into holistic medicine…yet.  It’s a starting point I feel. Plus if you read the labels on some of the muscles rubs on the market, you might be shocked to see all the toxic stuff they make them with.  Your skin is your largest organ. What you put on your skin can get into you body & bloodstream. Think of say…the medical field & how they use birth control & pain med on patches. Nicotine patches are quite popular too for folks trying to let go of cigarettes. You place these on your skin & the drug absorbs into your body.  So it matters what you put on your body just as much as what you put in your body 🙂